High-speed SerDes Analog Design Engineers / Manager

What can eTopus do for you?
  • Potential for upward mobility in a fast-moving Silicon Valley startup.

  • Opportunity to work with the like-minded talent to solve challenging problems.

  • Becoming part of the creator of ultra-high speed interconnect technology to enable the next generation of Cloud Data Centers.

What can you do for eTopus?

Our analog/mixed-signal team develops cutting-edge technology for several high-speed SerDes product lines. We are actively seeking talented analog and mixed-signal design engineers who want to join a dynamic and experienced team and take their technical knowledge to the next level.

Specific job description:

  • Build & innovate on high-speed analog/mixed-signal circuits such as PLL, ADC, DAC, Continuous Filter, VGA, Regulator, transmitter in deep sub-micron CMOS technology for integration in SOC products.

  • Work with systems team on specification definition.

  • Work with layout design engineers.

  • Verify in block/chip level (LVS, DRC, LPE, EM).

  • Perform design review.

  • Integrate IP core into chip level.

  • Test, characterize, debug, and productize the analog/mixed-signal core designs.

Required skills and experience
  • Solid experience in the design, layout & verification of PLL, CTLE, ADC, DAC, or VGA/PGA.

  • Experience in major EDA tools.

  • Exposure of scripting languages such as Tcl,  python, matlab, and verilog a plus.

  • Experience with high volume IC manufacturing a plus.

  • Hands-on experience with lab equipment.

  • Experience with 10G+ networking or communication development a plus.

  • Advanced CMOS technologies such as 40nm, 28nm and below.

  • BS/MS/PhD in EE with multiple Tape-out experience in 28nm or below process nodes.

Working location: Headquarters & Innovation Center 

Apply for this position: jobs@etopus.com

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