Principal Engineer

The eTopus team is comprised of industry experts in high-speed, mixed signal digital signal processing (DSP) communications systems. As a Principal Engineer in eTopus, you will handle all aspects of analog design for networking devices, including amplifier, regulator, PLL, ADC, etc. 

What can eTopus do for you?
  • Potential for upward mobility in a fast-moving Silicon Valley startup.

  • Opportunity to work with the like-minded talent to solve challenging problems.

  • Becoming part of the creator of ultra-high speed interconnect technology to enable the next generation of Cloud Data Centers.

What can you do for eTopus?
  • perform circuit performance verification; analog and digital interface timing check; modeling of high speed IO, PCB interconnects & package re parameters such as jitter, reflection, crosstalk, SSN & ground/power bounce;

  • create design guidelines to PCB layout; circuit layout & IO floor plan;  chip testing and performance verification; chip failure analysis.

Required skills and experience
  • 7 years experience

  • Experience/skills must include: analog transistor level design; CMOS process; timing & signal integrity; layout & backend verification; chip testing; Verilog-A & Matlab language; Cadence Virtuoso; Spectre; SpectreRF; Hspice; Calibre; test equipment oscilloscope, Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) & signal analyzer

  • M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

Working location: Headquarters

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